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How Condensation and Evaporation Shape Our Weather

How Condensation and Evaporation Shape Our Weather Buildup and dissipation are two terms that show up right off the bat and regularly when finding out about climate forms. They are basic to seeing how water―which is consistently present (in some structure) in the atmosphere―behaves. Buildup Definition Buildup is the procedure by which water living noticeable all around changes fromâ water vaporâ (a gas) to fluid water. This happens when the water fume is cooled to the dew point temperature, which prompts immersion. Whenever you have warm air ascending into the air, you can anticipate that buildup should in the long run happen. There are additionally numerous instances of buildup in our every day lives, for example, the arrangement of water beads outwardly of a virus drink. (At the point when the virus drink is left sitting on a table, the dampness (water fume) in the rooms air interacts with the virus container or glass, cools, and gathers on the beverages outside.) Buildup: a Warming Process Youll regularly hear buildup called a warming procedure, which can be confounding since buildup has to do with cooling. While buildup cools the air within the air package, all together for that cooling to happen, that bundle must discharge heat into the general condition. Accordingly, when talking about the impact of buildup on the general environment, it warms it. Heres how it works:Remember from science class that particles in a gas are vigorous and move exceptionally quick, while those in a fluid move more slow. With the end goal for buildup to occur, the water fume atoms must discharge vitality so they can slow their development. (This vitality is covered up and is along these lines called inactive warmth.) Say thanks to Condensation for This Weather... Various notable climate wonder are brought about by buildup, including: DewFogClouds Vanishing Definition Something contrary to buildup is vanishing. Dissipation is the way toward changing fluid water into water fume (a gas). It transports water from the Earths surface to the climate. (It ought to be noticed that solids, similar to ice, can likewise vanish or be changed legitimately into a gas without first turning into a fluid. In meteorology, this is calledâ sublimation.) Vanishing: a Cooling Process For water particles to go from a fluid to a stimulated vaporous state, they should initially ingest heat vitality. They do this by crashing into other water atoms. Dissipation is known as a cooling procedure since it expels heat from the encompassing air. Vanishing in the climate is a critical advance in the water cycle. Water on Earths surface will dissipate into the environment as vitality is consumed by fluid water. Water atoms that exist in the fluid stage are free-streaming and in no specific fixed position. When vitality is added to water by heat from the sun, the bonds between the water atoms increase dynamic vitality or vitality moving. They thenâ escape the outside of the fluid and become a gas (water fume), which then risesâ into the environment. This procedure of water vanishing from the outside of the Earth happens constantly and consistently move water fume into the air. The pace of dissipation relies upon air temperature, wind speed, darkness. Express gratitude toward Evaporation for This Weather... Dissipation is answerable for a few climate wonders, including: HumidityClouds

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Outsourcing keeping India and Pakistan in reference Essay

Re-appropriating keeping India and Pakistan in reference - Essay Example This examination likewise presents the turn of events and patterns in the field of redistributing. Prior or later on, each product improvement association poses a basic inquiry: â€Å"Is there any way that we can procure the product and frameworks we require at a slighter expenditure?† The response to this question isn't clear, and the moving discussions or discussions that occur in light of this inquiry in every case direct to a solitary word: re-appropriating (Pressman, 2001). With the progression of time, the design of redistributing is developing in the fields of data innovation. Furthermore, associations are increasing upper hands and sparing their assets by re-appropriating their requirements. The duties of the administration increment when they choose for re-appropriating (Palvia, 2000) and (Laudon and Laudon, 1999, p. 381). As per (Shelly, Cashman, and Vermaat, 2005, p. 638), associations have two options: By re-appropriating, associations can focus on their inside business simultaneously as letting others with additional skill to complete some part of their business the board exercises. A few associations redistribute only the product advancement part of their IT activity. Then again, others redistribute more or all aspects of their IT activities. The explanation of doing this is to keep on serious in this time of ceaselessly alterable innovation (Shelly, Cashman, and Vermaat, 2005, p. 638). This rely upon an organization’s needs, outer associations can deal with so a lot or as meager of the IT needs as key or wanted. For the most part outside associations can proffer equipment and programming. Others offer a collection of administrations including Web plan and improvement, Web facilitating, client assistance, charging, Sales, advertising, and formally approved help, an Internet arrangements supplier is a company that offers Web facilitating administrations that comprise of org anization of shopping baskets, stock, and Mastercard preparing

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The Best Ideas for Process Analysis Essay

The Best Ideas for Process Analysis Essay Writing a process analysis paper may sound complicated, but it’s one of the simplest and most engaging essay types in reality. It provides the audience with detailed information on how something is made or done, such as an instruction manual or a recipe. By the end of your essay, readers should either understand how a particular process words or be able to complete it themselves. Before you start writing this academic assignment, ensure that you understand the chosen process. You also need to know what readers expect to get from it and check relevant process analysis essay topics. Intro Read instruction manuals or a set of directions to get a better idea of what a process analysis essay is. This academic assignment is often used in technical writing where complex systems should be explained in a logical, clear, and orderly manner. That’s why it can be long and very detailed. However, a process analysis essay is something more than only a set of basic instructions because you need to go beyond identifying basic steps involved to examine a given process with your analytical eye. This kind of analysis requires your expertise while the chosen topic should be focused. Think about how to do a specific thing to write this paper in a straightforward and clear tone that other people can easily follow. What to describe in essay? When writing your process analysis essay, you should keep the following tips in mind: Explain why every step is important and include the necessary warnings; Include all the steps involved in your process and arrange them chronologically; Define the terms that your readers may not know clearly; Provide them with an effective way to determine whether your process is carried out successfully; Give your clear descriptions of any materials and tools necessary to carry it out. The above-mentioned guidelines aren’t difficult to follow if you choose the subject that you know very well. Reference on how to write process analysis essay To write a good process analysis essay, you should structure it correctly. First, its introductory part should explain the chosen process and its importance or relevance. Avoid including unnecessary information in this paragraph. Your basic goal is to go directly to the matter and provide the most important data. The next paragraph of your essay should give a list of the tools, resources, and equipment necessary to carry out a particular process. Don’t forget to state potential side effects or risks that can be generated by it to make readers informed. Let them know of what may go wrong and what should be done to avoid possible mistakes too. The next part of your process analysis essay should outline all steps in their sequential order. If your process requires specific steps to be taken at particular stages, state and explain them clearly and at relevant points. Stay keen to avoid any possible confusion. When dealing with any complicated process, subdivide all steps accordingly. Vary the use of transitions to ensure that your paper doesn’t sound repetitive. The final part of your process analysis essay should offer a general review to help you reinforce the key points without any deep details. There are certain factors that should be considered while writing it, including the significance of your chosen process and whether it’s meant to advise or educate. A topic of your process analysis essay should be relevant to the audience. Readers may need some prerequisite knowledge to get a better understanding of your subject matter. Consider their knowledge level for your piece of writing to make sense to them. State the equipment and skills necessary to complete your procedure. Explain all the materials that you need and why they’re important. They should be readily available or easily improvised. Take into account different competencies that readers need to have to complete your process or understand how it works. Identify the steps involved in your procedure and consider their sequence, number, importance, and complexity. Explain why each one shouldn’t be omitted and pinpoint all warnings. Some processes require you to state different challenges and protective measures to let readers execute them safely. Be sure to provide them with clear instructions while using your concise and simple language. Give other people some milestones that can help them understand that they do the right thing. Essay examples for inspiration If you lack enough inspiration to write a good process analysis essay, look for matching examples online. They will provide you with a number of helpful ideas for your writing and can help you avoid the mistakes made by others. Tips for writing Effective guidelines play a big role in ensuring that a particular process is carried out correctly. When writing your process analysis essay, they also ensure that you communicate with readers effectively. Learn how to go about a specific process and make all of your instructions complete and clear. Don’t leave out any relevant or important data. Be very specific and avoid making assumptions. That’s because readers may not have even a slight idea of how to go about your process. If you leave out some useful information, you deny the audience an opportunity to learn. Avoid using any generalizations and give only precise or detailed information. Use all articles effectively and explain steps in their chronological order. They all should be clear sequentially. When dealing with a complex process, divide all operations into certain actions before you detail each step into a certain action. This is how you will provide the audience with a better chance to understand your instructions. Ensure that you use the second person in your process analysis essay. Pay attention to the appropriate use of your vocabulary and language because making good use of technical terms can either make or break your academic assignment. Besides, it has a major impact on the degree of clarity and depth that readers will get out of your paper. If the targeted audience is meant to complete your chosen process while reading its steps, everything should be to the point and simple. Provide readers with a better sense of direction. For instance, when including any comments that are tailored to do that, ensure that they’re relevant and placed in correct sentences. Avoid describing any over-complicated steps to keep your process analysis essay concise and clear. Don’t forget about the chronological progression of all steps. As an example, when writing about a cooking recipe, be sure to include every step chronologically while indicating how much of every ingredient must be added. Any additional information, including different cooking techniques, can be written at the end of your paper to make it as detailed as needed. A list of topics for process analysis essay How to lose fat without losing your mind; Ho to mow lawns; How to choose the best roommate; How to throw a perfect party; How to get rid of bad habits; How to rent the first apartment; How to overcome insomnia; How to complain efficiently; How to cook tasty brownies; How to improve self-confidence; How to make a perfect studying schedule. How to choose a right topic? There are many excellent process analysis essay topics to choose from. That’s why many students find it hard to choose the best one. You can use different methods to choose a perfect topic and determine if it gives you worthy ideas. For example, you can try brainstorming and reading samples. Think about the topics with a process you know well to write all details. After determining your point of interest, the entire process will be easier. Brainstorm possible essay ideas based on your knowledge. If you like staying creative, then this technique is your good choice because it allows you to be creative while exploring potential topics for your process analysis paper. Feel free to develop a number of ideas that can potentially work for you and conduct your light research to choose the right one. Find out more about other available options to select the best fit. Look for interesting sources of information that can provide you with a better insight on how to develop your thoughts and use different things around you, including personal experiences, to write a good process analysis essay. Take into consideration all the details on how to develop an interesting topic while meeting important academic standards. Conclusion If you get an opportunity to choose a topic for a process analysis essay yourself, describe the procedure that you’re familiar with to make things easier for you. The above-mentioned guidelines can help you make this academic assignment easier to complete. However, if you still need extra help with it, consider the services of our professional writers. They’re willing to write any custom paper fast and at affordable rates, so don’t let it cost you high grades. Contact our customer support managers who will explain you how online essay writing services work and how you will benefit from them.

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The Is A Philosophical Theme Taught By Epicurus - 1306 Words

Epicureanism is a philosophical theme taught by Epicurus, this theme that stresses the goal of a joyful and a pleasurable life. In the Hellenistic Age, epicureanism was extremely influential. Epicurus, the founder of Epicureanism, is best known for his different personality, unlike all the other ancient philosophers, excluding Socrates (O Keefe). Epicurus accumulated a group of disciples and taught them, after that he became known as the â€Å"philosophy of the Garden.† The wisdom theory, epicureanism, is a form of the hedonism theory that describes different types of pleasure, different types of desires, the virtues, the importance of friendship, and death. Epicureanism is a philosophical theory that is a form of hedonism. Epicurus once said, â€Å"That the only thing that is intrinsically valuable is one s own pleasure; anything else that has value is valuable merely as a means to securing pleasure for oneself† (O Keefe). This quote from Epicurus shows that pleasure i s important to the value of happiness in life. But how is Epicureanism a type of hedonism? The answer is that, Epicureanism is a form of hedonism because they both believe that pleasure is what leads to happiness. Since they both believe that pleasure leads to happiness, the way to know the difference between the two is that hedonists believe that the people must find a way to increase their own pleasures, whatever they might include and Epicureanism is the belief that people must control their own pleasures basedShow MoreRelatedGreek Influence on Rome3191 Words   |  13 Pagessubjects into their everyday lives. One of the adopted subjects was philosophy. The Greeks had many great philosophical minds like Epicurus, Socrates, and Zenon. The two forms of philosophy that educated Romans were interested in, and supported, were Stoicism and Epicureanism [ (Shelton 421) ]. They gave Romans piece of mind and comfort, due to how relaxing the methods being taught were [ (Shelton 421 ) ]. In fact, Epicureanism had a lot to do with the idea that pleasure is nothing more than

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To Let The Air In - 964 Words

To Let The Air In The empowerment and the persistent drive for equality for women have become vastly common and effective in modern history. Women have exceeded past archaic stereotypical roles of the housewife, the mother and the submissive doormat to more empowering trajectories. Many debatable issues surround women’s campaign of liberties including the broadly debated right to decide who has ultimate say in regards of getting an abortion. Ernest Hemingway wrote a story called, â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants† that conveyed the viewpoint of females centered around the topic . Well into character’s development the reader sees Jig’s ability to come to her own decision about the procedure and submit to the pressure of a culture controlled by men. The twenties was time of revitalization and expressing one’s true identity. Everyone was seemingly focused on the finer things and indulged in hedonism. True socialites like Hemingway, would move to Europe to experience new culture and gain a new perspective of life. Moving to Europe for Hemingway was a renaissance; in essence, he was able to unleash new writing potential and began to become a renowned author. In the midst of his escalation of fame, Hemingway’s wife became pregnant (Ernest Hemingway Biography n. pag.). Unfortunately, due to the fast-paced lifestyle of the Hemingways this celebratory moment was thought of as a nuisance. Hemingway was beginning to become the famous author he dreamed of becoming and a babyShow MoreRelatedRonald Reag My Hero866 Words   |  4 Pagesthat he did while not in office. Some of the things that were very important examples of him being a hero are when the air traffic controllers went on strike, when he made movements against the communists in Europe, and the greatest of all his achievements when he told the USSR dictator to tear down the Berlin wall. Let s talk about the first example. During his presidency the air traffic controllers want a raise, and because the government was not going to give them one they went on strike. ImmediatelyRead MoreThe Process of an Internal Combustion Engine958 Words   |  4 Pagesand not an easy concept to grasp. Air, fuel, spark, and combustion are the premise of an internal combustion engine. A simplistic view on an internal combustion engine is outlined below. The first step in an internal combustion engine is to acquire all the attributes to create combustion in a chamber. The necessary air flows through the air filter (usually a conical shaped, micro filament, located in either the front right or left of the engine bay). After the air is sucked into the filter it passesRead MoreEssay on The Process Of An Internal Combustion Engine939 Words   |  4 Pagesand not an easy concept to grasp. Air, fuel, spark, and combustion are the premise of an internal combustion engine. A simplistic view on an internal combustion engine is outlined below. The first step in an internal combustion engine is to acquire all the attributes to create combustion in a chamber. The necessary air flows through the air filter (usually a conical shaped, micro filament, located in either the front right or left of the engine bay). After the air is sucked into the filter it passesRead MoreDesigning A Custom Paint At A New Gun Shop1548 Words   |  7 Pagesthe best effects was to paint the gun using a gravity feed air brush. When I tried to procure an air brush to complete this project a problem occurred in the shipping. Somewhere along the route my air brush kit was misplaced and was unable to be found. This meant that I had to perform the paint job using spray cans and masking tape. Although this is a valid option and many people have chosen this as their favorite method, I think that the air brush makes a higher quality result. With no other optionsRead MoreThe Effects Of Global Warming On The Planet879 Words   |  4 PagesEvery place becom es warmer because people always do the things that would damage the planet. For example the people usually use the air conditioner, this would discharge a lot of greenhouse air. That is too late to save it from complete destruction when climate change has damaged the planet beyond repair. Global warming is caused by the factory and cars always discharge CO2. ’ Global warming is primarily a problem of too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere—which acts as a blanket, trappingRead More Physics of Skydiving Essay1361 Words   |  6 Pagesbody that the majority of the human population is affected by is the planet earth. The gravitational acceleration produced from earth is approximately 9.8 m/s^2, which changes slightly as you move closer to or away from the earths center of mass. Lets examine an instance for which a person named Joe prepairs for his first skydiving experience. Joe gets on a plane with an instructor and heads towards the sky. First off, while Joe is in the plane, he does not constantly accelerate downward, assumingRead MoreWhat Causes Air Pollution And What Effect Does It Have On Us Essay924 Words   |  4 PagesTOPIC: What causes air pollution and what effect does it have on us. SPECIFIC PURPOSE: At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to understand what is air pollution, what causes air pollution and what effect does it have on us. INTRODUCTION: What is air? That is the answer I want you to ask yourself. Air is an essential thing we need in our life. It is the most important thing in our life. Compare to food and water, air would be first because without air we would die instantly, withoutRead MoreEssay On Energy Efficient Windows852 Words   |  4 PagesEnergy Efficient Windows: The First Step In Your Fight Against Indoor Air-Pollution According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your home may be two to five times more polluted than the air outside of it, which is a scary thought. Whether your home is in the country or city, the air your family is breathing may not be healthy. One possible and relatively simple solution may be to replace your windows, but theres even more you can do to protect your family. The Problem Of Indoor PollutionRead MoreEssay On How To Create A Prerrant Household820 Words   |  4 Pageswith some excellent tips on how to create a fragrant household to be proud of! 1. Stove Simmers This is an old school trick that has stood the test of time. Throw slices of citrus and your favourite herbs in a small saucepan of simmering water and let the smell take over your home. 2. Strategic Candles Scented candles are the key to a delicious smelling home and the fact that they come in so many varieties makes life easier. You can choose dedicated scents for each room and strategically placeRead MoreExplore the Ups Website1502 Words   |  7 Pagescustomer to track packages and freights with services like Quantum view, UPS my choice, Flex global view and Void a shipment. †¢ Freight – Services for freight are Critical Freight, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, LTL (Less then truckload) and Trucking (Full truckload), and UPS Cross border connect. †¢ The website lets customers order supplies online. †¢ UPS Communication via E-mail – The website has features like New product announcements/enhancements, promotions and offers, newsletters, and service

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Filipino Youth Free Essays

Nearly three enduring decades of nothing but untainted, out and out public service made me the civil servant I am today. From a newcomer legislator of my hometown, then to a three-term local chief executive, to being here at this very chamber, I am deeply gratified to have stayed and committed for my beloved Tarlaquenos from the very beginning until now. It is but apt and proper to primarily express my unending gratitude to God Almighty, whom I have sought for guidance and never failed to impart me with prudence and vim to do nothing but good for our people. We will write a custom essay sample on Filipino Youth or any similar topic only for you Order Now Lord, with unending praise, I shall yield to your Holy Name and Will. I am likewise, thankful to the integral constituency of the second district – from undivided voters to unwavering allies and friends who trusted me for the second time around to be part of this provincial council. To my loving family – God’s greatest gift to me, thank you for always being there. These span of years of serving the people from the grassroots up to the district echelon honed me to be further adroit in the daunting tasks of local policy-making. Hence, renewing this tenure implies another productive chapter for this representation, which I anticipate to be steadily imbued with dynamism and throughput. This renewed opportunity will further ascertain what we have already endeavored and prospered for our province†¦ for our people†¦ for our Tarlac. Being alongside with our kababayans – seeing, feeling, hearing and bearing with them, molded me to be more aware and proactive with the problems that afflicted their communities, which we can throw a light on at full tilt through appropriate legislative measures. These various hands-on involvements with communities taught me boundless points to improve my calling as a humble representation of our district. It is also a formidable admission on my part that through these experiences, I draw might and optimism to endure with the challenges that lies ahead. The propitious opportunity to serve this constituency hand in hand with our beloved provincial governor, honorable Victor Yap, similarly taught me valuable and progressive views on governmental headship and advocacies that guarantee the uninterrupted progress of our people. This grassroots ascendancy, where this humble representation unceasingly anchors its legislative agenda, places the province’s citizens as midpoints, a proven gauge that confidently invests on human capital and development. I warmly commend our governor for his tried and tested Sulong Tarlac platform with its four enduring pillars – Pagkain Muna, Kalusugan Muna, Trabaho Muna and Edukasyon Muna. This attainable quartet paradigm shall be my constant muse on instigating the initiatives and proposals solely catered for our people. Through these pillars, we have evolved from being a nearly crippled agency to a now effectual, dependable people’s body rolling a much-desired overhaul – straightway among the frontrunners on collective nation building. But more needs to be done. Allow me then, fellow members of this august body, to cite some of the accomplishments and envisioned proposals of this humble representation for our province. AGRICULTURE 1. Tarlac is anticipated to be the leader in agricultural innovation. Among my top agenda is to be able to draft a road map that will boost the local organic movement. Last year, a nationwide organic congress was held that showcased the different organic produces and commodities of Tarlac to the country. Let us not allow the opportunity to pass every year on encouraging different local cooperatives to organize and support organic farming within their assemblies. Inopportunely, the Gulayan venture has some deficiencies that need to be attended. In coordination with the Department of Agriculture by means of legislation, we are determined to provide an effective subsidy to farmers that will cater to their necessities. In this way, we can steadily reach our goal in making Tarlac the leader in agriculture. ENVIRONMENT 2. Relative to targeting a sustainable solution to environmental concerns, I shall prioritize the authorship of a statutory regulation towards visualizing and attaining a â€Å"Plastic-free Tarlac†. Major metropolises have already yielded on this scheme; it is of the time and essence that we also take the lead in our region for our mother Earth. 3. On top of this is our winning endeavor of effectively calling the attention of local hospitals of convincing their management to strictly impose the appropriate disposal of biological wastes within their communities. Yet, it is still essential for us to be vigilant particularly for funeral mortuaries and slaughterhouses to conform to the proper procedures on waste management. If the need arises, we shall revise existing local rulings based from national policies like the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act and the Sanitation Code of the Philippines that will give teeth and permissible police powers to implementers as well as to levy for appropriate taxes and in contrast, to offer awards and incentives for those who will conform to this initiative. HEALTHCARE 4. With regards to our championing endeavors on local public healthcare, this representation shall fully devote on supporting through legislature, the award-winning, first field health service info system in the country, the Wireless Access for Health. We all discern that due to its success, it is already well sustained by numerous benefactors. However, this venture still hopes that it acquires a much-needed backing from a statutory perspective especially that it plans to expand soon to other municipalities of the province. 5. Though becoming an effective harbor for individuals who lacks capitals to access medical services locally, the Philhealth ng Masa program similarly requisites stronger legislative measures to ensure that every family shall be covered with affordable and quality healthcare. Utilizing suitable legislation and consistent discourse with Philhealth, we can solicit to this ever-accommodating public insurance figure to be more lenient and adaptable to indigent constituencies – the poorest of the poor, who lack or does not have any notion on how to get credentials necessary for getting covered (like birth certificates, clearances and the likes). Through proper legislation and consideration among concerned bodies, we can shed a light on this and with full hopes find a solution through this dignified chamber. LIVELIHOOD 6. This representation shall also thrust for a sounder investment code that will be adaptable to the needs of prospective investors. This will convey a mutually advantageous atmosphere between the province and investors that is favorable for employment generation. In partnership with corresponding local business chambers, we shall seek help on crafting a measure encouraging upright MFIs coupled with appropriate financial literacy trainings among our constituencies in the rural areas. EDUCATION 7. One of my primary focuses on education is for our province’s technical and vocational schools to come up with efficient curricula for enhancement and assessment of our future labor force. In the advent of the mandatory K-12 program of our national government, these ladderized courses offered by various tech-voc schools shall offer a window of fresh opportunity for our citizens to finish a short course, go out and work, and then return for a more advance course or maybe even move into a university for a degree. The practicality of ladderized education is to be understood as a shining beacon of hope for our indigent constituencies who desire to pursue their dreams through education. PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT AND LGUs 8. Our commitment with our fellow civil servants and government employees within the capitol workplace and other attached agencies is still deemed precedence where legal mandates are necessary to further redefine and innovate bureaucracy. Aside from streamlining to make our structure more efficient, we should, through legislative courses mechanize ingenious innovations highlighting human resources development and quality management system approaches. 9. Finally, a big fragment of my legislative agenda will focus on our local government units to competently generate revenues so they could come up with ways to solve the long-standing paucity of funds prevalent in them. I know for a fact that we should center our agenda to our districts, for I myself became a part of resolving its scenario, back when I was still the mayor of Gerona. This is of course, plausible with the support of our national, provincial and local governments and different exponents that are willing to work hand in hand for our province. There are big shoes to fill in, especially with these planned initial thrusts and agenda that I personally consider, would be indispensable for this very august chamber to discern and willingly take part of. This representation shall be and will be disposed to accommodate more rightful propositions pertinent to the issues of our times, most prominently those that sways our constituents, a vision that is truly reflective with that of the Sulong Tarlac manifesto. I am similarly poised that through the vitality and aggressiveness of our new vice governor, honorable Kit Cojuangco Jr. , and with your succor, fellow colleagues in this august chamber, we can build a more meaningful purposeful solidarity, regardless of political affiliation, towards formulating an all-inclusive agenda that will hopefully serve as a steadfast, literal ‘sanggunian’ for our counterparts in the seventeen municipalities and in this capital city. Participatory governance is the way to go for I consider it to be a two-way gain between our Sanggunian and these seventeen local Sangguniaans making up the whole province. How to cite Filipino Youth, Papers

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Insurance for camels (Albaaeer)

Introduction There is a need to introduce a camel general insurance policy due to the increased needs to protect camels in the UAE. Such an insurance policy should cover camels against sickness, accidental loss of the camel arising from fire, theft, and legal liability arising out of the camel’s damage to properties belonging to third parties such as crops.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Insurance for camels (Alba’aeer) specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In the UAE, camels are valued, and people take care of the animals to ensure that they are safe and healthy. The camels have values in the society. The people also attach an economic value to the animal. Camels can survive in the harsh desert conditions, and this aspect is suitable for areas which are dry. The camels are used for transport. They also supply milk and meat. Camels are also used to pay dowry, and they are sources of pride for t he people in the UAE (Salem and Staff Reporter, p. 1). Today, they are also used in sports, such as racing (Zacharias, para. 6). In this paper, the author provides a proposal that Dubai Insurance Company will establish an insurance policy called Alba’aeer. The policy will provide cover for the upkeep, racing, and breeding camels in the region. New product development plan for selected opportunity Pricing In all businesses, a product is brought to the market after passing all stages of full new product development process. Pricing is the last stage in the new development process. The other stages, starting from the first one, are as follows; idea generation, idea screening, concept development and screening, business analysis, beta and market testing, technical implementation, commercialization and lastly the new product pricing. As a marketing manager, developing a strategic plan in setting the price of the Alba’aeer is very recommendable. The pricing strategy will con sider the all the costs and the profit margin of the product. A marketing manager should focus on the current and the future situation of the market of the Alba’aeer and not historical to ensure that the right price is set for the product. A mind that thinks of today and tomorrow will help marketing managers to set a strategy of pricing that will help make profits today and tomorrow. A mind that thinks of the experiences will obviously drag the marketing manager into setting prices to recover the costs that were incurred long time ago (Tailan, and Liu, 695). The pricing process will consider the fact that the product is new and that customers will not be willing to buy the product because they have not used it before. Marketing managers should take immediate actions in regards to how the buyers respond to the prices that have been set for the Alba’aeer. The prices will be tested to test the response of the customers.Advertising Looking for research paper on busine ss economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The managers should develop pricing strategies that shift with the shift of the price sensitivities of buyers. The insurance products have a price-elastic demand, and this indicates that the price of Alba’aeer will be determined by the demand in the market. In case the demand for Alba’aeer increases, the price will automatically be increased, and in a situation where the demand of the product decreases, the price will also decrease (Tailan, and Liu, 697). Once more, while developing a pricing strategy in planning for the new product development, in this case, the Alba’aeer, marketing managers should study the competition of other products or other organizations selling the same product. It is more preferred for one to be on a creative plane while doing business than being on the competitive plane. When there is no otherwise, the marketing managers in a competitive environment are advised to be alert to the market trend, but not copying what the competing organizations are doing. The marketing managers of the organizations selling Alba’aeer in the UAE have to plan their own pricing strategy and not copying the pricing strategies of their competing counterparts. The pricing strategy will also consider the taxes that have been imposed by the government. The taxes account for the price of a product and should be incorporated in the price of the product. The government requires all businesses to pay taxes, and the Alba’aeer insurance product should incorporate the tax component. The pricing of the product will be a cover of 50,000 to 1 million Dirham. It will be tailor made in that one can pay as low as 500 Dirham per month. This is to ensure that those who are in the low end market can afford to pay for the product and provide cover for their camels. This is also because the price is one of the ways that the company will be able to receive revenue from the sales made in theoretical term it is one of the most important determinants of the perception of customers when they are making purchases (Salem and Staff Reporter, 1). The marketing managers of Alba’aeer organizations too, while planning for the new pricing strategies for the product should think of the product life cycle. As I said earlier, it is wise to set a pricing strategy that has its focus on today or rather the current and the future situation. The product life cycle clearly elaborates that towards the Decline phase, the prices of products start to go down due to the market saturation with the products and the increase of price sensitivity with the increase of products’ knowledge. The marketing managers of the Alba’aeer organizations should set pricing strategies that are flexible.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Insurance for camels (Alba’aeer) specifically for you for only $16.0 5 $11/page Learn More Promotion Promotion refers to the process of creating awareness about the products in the market. This can be done through advertising, television, social media, and other communication media. Promotion increases the knowledge about the products in the market. Companies also educate customers about the products through promotion. The companies use promotional strategies to encourage potential customers to try the new products in the market. Therefore, promotion is an important tool when a new product is introduced in the market (Tailan, and Liu, 698). The product promotion will entail advertising the product to ensure that customers are well aware of its existence in the market. The advertisement will be done TV, radio, social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and also on the company’s website through a link that will enable the user to find more information about the product with regard to price, cover provided, extensi ons of the cover and those things that are not provided in the cover. We also use brochures that will be placed at strategic points on the premises of the business to ensure accessibility by the customers. The physical product promotion will entail the use of bright and attractive displays on TV with appealing colors. We have chosen green to be our theme color as it communicates trust, nature and calmness and more so because it is a product covering animals- camel (Alba’aeer). The cover of the policy with regard to the sum insured premiums to be paid per month, and the benefits that will accrue to the policyholder will also be provided. On realizing that people like free things, the marketing manager of the organizations dealing with Alba’aeer and Alba’aeer products can organize an event to give away products with an aim of drawing and attracting customers who could at first been disinterested. Organizing promotional events helped our organization to send a pres s release about our products. We also got a chance to let the public know, through the use of the local newspapers. The use of business cards as a way of promoting Alba’aeer products can greatly influence the buyers in the UAE in a wide range. Handing out of printed promotional items can help an organization to venture into the interiors in marketing its products. Another way of using promotions in new product development is by offering samples to people with great influence whom after using or reviewing the products offer back a positive response which in turn help to convince customers to try the products. The other tool for product promotion for new product development is the use of testimonials. In the the UAE, Alba’aeer organizations can collect testimonial from customers who have used and got satisfied with the products, that is, the camel itself, its milk or meat. The testimonials from customers can greatly help to retain and influence other potential customers who trust their opinions into trying the product (Jaffer, 4).Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More All the factors that will influence the consumer behavior towards the newly developed product There are several factors that will influence consumer behavior towards Alba’aeer insurance policy. Consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Clients who will opt to buy the product and those who will not buy it are influenced by different factors. Many of these factors are beyond the control of the marketers, and they are unique in term of the environment from which one was born and grown. First, cultural factors are influenced by what one was taught from a young age up to maturity. These teachings range from family, school, religious institutions and society at a large. The basic values that shape individuals’ tastes, preferences and perceptions teach in these institutions. For some, they have been taught that insurance is not important especially for animals like camels. For others, due to their religious beliefs insurance is not crucial especially among the Muslims. For others because they do not keep camels due to their own personal reasons, they might not just find it necessary to purchase camel insurance policies (Al-Mutawa, 345). Social factors that influence the consumer behavior are reference group, family, social roles and status. The reference group is the group of people whose opinions are considered by a member when making purchasing decisions. The group can also affect one’s personal life or profession. These groups are can further be divided into family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who interact with the individual on most occasions. For those clients who belong in a social group that believe in camel insurance or those who keep these animals are most likely to purchase the product compared to those who are not (Strazzieri, et al. 435). Other groups like religious groups and professional associations affect also one’s buying behavior depending on the beliefs o f the group concerning insurance. Family members also have a strong influence on one’s purchasing decisions. People from different families tend to be different in terms of their tastes and preferences that they value since childhood regarding insurance. Parents also provide the first orientation for their kids and in most cases for these kids whatever their parents used to like will be their likes and vice versa. Consumers also will be influenced to buy or not depending on their roles and status in the family either as: a husband, wife and first male son. The status that one has defined roles and ultimately the buying decisions (Strazzieri, et al. 436). There are also personal factors that influence consumer behavior such as life cycle, occupation, economic circumstances, lifestyle, personality and self concept. People undergo various life cycles in life that influence their purchasing decisions for the product. For those who are single, they most unlikely to own a camel com pared to those who are married because they have less needs compared to their counterparts. Due to these variances, their needs for camel insurance policies also vary (Foxall, 63). Consumers’ aspirations to purchase a camel insurance change according to the prevailing economic condition changes. As the economic conditions undergo various cycles with time so do their financial ability to purchase this product change. Their occupation also influences their lifestyle, which eventually influences they need to purchase camel insurance. For those in an occupation that has a high pay, they are most likely to purchase camel insurance compared to those who are in those occupations that do not pay well. Lastly, consumer behavior is also influenced by a person’s psychological factors which include motivation, perception, learning, beliefs and attitudes. Different people tend to have different inner motives and a perception that satisfies certain needs in life. People will buy cam el insurance because of that inner motivation to do so and satisfy the need of averting the financial loss that comes with not insuring. For those consumers who perceive camel insurance to be an important means of avoiding loses, they are likely to purchase the product compared to those who do not. Learning about human behavior, which comes from experience, also influences consumer behavior of this product. For those people that have a good experience with camel insurance, they are most likely to purchase compared to those who lack the same experience. Beliefs and attitudes that consumers have will also influence their buying decisions. Those that believe that camel insurance is important and have an optimistic attitude towards the same are most likely to purchase compared to those who do not (Miniard, and Cohen, 171). Three possible problem situations the consumers might encounter in the delivery of service and how I plan to fix each problem Problem by adopting a new product in the market The company will encounter the problem of adoption of the new product. The adoption of new products varies with customers. There are customers who are early adopters. This class of customers has the characteristic that new products are easily adopted. However, there are laggards who do not accept new products easily. They wait until a product is well established in the market. Alba’aeer is at the introduction stage of the product life cycle. At this stage, The product is new in the market, and most of the customers are not aware about the presence of the product. At this stage, the company sells the product to early adopters. These are the customers who are ready to use the product without prior knowledge. The product at this stage requires to be promoted intensively so that people can know the existence of the product. At the introduction stage, the laggards are not willing to test the products because they do not know anything about the product (Sääksvuori a nd Immonen, 166). Therefore, the company will encounter the problem of laggards because such customers will not be ready to accept the Alba’aeer. To deal with this problem, the management should develop intensive promotion campaigns to educate all the potential customers about the new products. This will be done through online channels, televisions, radio stations and newspapers among other media. Most people in the UAE are not aware about insurance and customers view insurance products as a scam to con them money Insurance in the UAE has not penetrated to a large extend because most people are not aware about the existence of insurance policies. However, people in the country have accepted life-insurance products, but they are not ready to take retirement insurance products. â€Å"The low rate of penetration could also be because of very few global insurance companies operate in the UAE and there only a limited number of tailored products† (Chaudhuri, para. 6). Most i nsurance companies in the region offer products in motor insurance because it is mandatory. The other products have not been properly marketed. Most of the products have not been offered to the customers. People have bad perceptions about the insurance products. The bad perception was created by former insurance companies which stole money from customers. The companies could fail to pay the customers their dues when risks, which are issued, occurred. This created apathy among customers because genuine cases were not compensated. â€Å"Although insurance penetration in the UAE is the highest in the Middle East, experts say it still is relatively low compared to mature markets† (Chaudhuri, para. 1). The company should educate people about the importance of insuring camels. Intensive promotion should be conducted to ensure that people are aware that the company does not aim at conning their money. Cultural problems Customer perception differs from one community, society or natio n to another due to the cultural differences that exist between them. If not properly strategized, starting an organization in an environment with cultural difference has very high chances of failing. A situation may arise where lets say, the customers are so into the existing product and may not need another that is so satisfying. The UAE is a combination of many Arab countries, showing that there are many different cultures with different desires. In such a case, marketing managers should do research deep down the roots to know everything about the market and to forecast. It is wise for the foreign marketers to invest in places where there are cultural exchanges to avoid cultural conflicts. The cultural systems in the UAE have restricted the penetration of insurance companies. The young people are not ready to take insurance policies. In addition, the people have the perception that insurance is an extra expense rather that a protective cover. This aspect hinders insurance compani es from selling their products in the UAE market (Chaudhuri, para. 10). The company should promote a culture of ensuring all assets among the people in the UAE. This can be achieved by encouraging and educating people about the importance of having insurance cover. The company can liaise with the government to educate people on the importance of having insurance policies. Conclusion In the process of new product development, marketing managers should do thorough research before they bring products to the market. They should be very innovative in all the eight stages of new product development and keen to the customers’ responses towards all the actions they may undertake in order to satisfy them. Many businesses fail due to poor strategic planning in product development. Camel insurance is an important product that has a high potential of acceptance from customers in the UAE. The introduction of such product should be done in a strategic manner because the people in the UAE h ave not accepted all insurance products in the market. People in the region have taken motor insurance because it is compulsory, but other insurance policies have not been readily accepted. Therefore, introducing the Alba’aeer will face some challenges. The company should provide attractive prices because the product has an elastic demand. 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Web. 2012 Strazzieri, Alain et al. â€Å"Societal Development And Family Purchasing Roles: A Cross-National Study.† Journal Of Consumer Research 9.4 (1983): 436-442. Web. Tailan, Chi, and John Liu. â€Å"Product Life Cycle, And Market Entry And Exit Decisions Under Uncertainty.† IIE Transactions 33.9 (2001): 695. Web. Zacharias, Anne. The rich history of camel racing. The National. Web. This research paper on Insurance for camels (Alba’aeer) was written and submitted by user Conner Y. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.